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Rebecca Cox Team leader
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I’ve decided to take on a life changing challenge - walk the length of Aotearoa to raise funds for Oxfam’s Rural Training centres in Vanuatu.

The Oxfam programme involves building Rural Training Centres to give young Ni Vanuatu, who have been unable to get formal schooling, a second chance.

The centres are designed to be Cyclone Proof, providing the community with a safe place to shelter during a cyclone. The centres will provide education and security for the future in the face of increasing challenges driven by Climate Change.

So! I intend to pick up the personal challenge to raise $60 000 to help build a better future for our Pacific neighbours.

The Te Araroa Trail is 3000km of tracks and roads starting at Cape Reinga and ending in Bluff. It will take 5 months for me to complete it, starting this November and aiming to be drinking celebratory bubbles in Bluff by April. See team updates!

It’s a long way to walk and a lot of money to raise. There are 3 ways to help me and this amazing cause, checkout my team update page to see how. 

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We made it! Thanks to the support of many including family, friends, sponsors and complete strangers. It would not have been possible nor as memorable without you all. The last stretch made me reminisce the beginning with sand and mud. As we started with them we will end with them! We hiked...

Fundraising target: $60,000.00

Total raised: $10,835.00
Achieved 18% of the target
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Team fundraising

Donor name Donation Message
Westy $20.00 Well done Bec's. Good on ya!
Ivan $100.00 Amazing effort, well done!
Dean $20.00 Congrats! For the last 1000km
Miharo!!! $30.00
Anna $50.00 Like many have said before me, you are awesome =)
Thomson Family $300.00
Keith Moon $20.00 Well done Rebecca, you are an inspiration to us all
Carol Taylor $100.00 Well done from the Taylor's in Hamilton
Hannah and Vinnie D $100.00 Bex you are an absolute inspiration! I hope you're okay having finished, time to let the body recover and take care of the mind :) Major congrats for not only starting but finishing this incredible adventure!!!
John Doe $41.40 So proud of you Bex
Fulljames sis $100.00 You crazy girl you made it 'sure showed me' well done love you
Liese & Sol $200.00 Becs we think you're amazing. Congratulations on such a great achievement. Xx
Anonymous $25.00 Brilliant to see you have made your destination. May your next journey be as challenging.
Paula and Grant Magill $25.00
Chris and Cheryl $25.00 Great effort Becs, keep up the good work!!
vicki and warren $50.00 huge effort and so relevant post pam! have thought of you often
Irene & John Shortland $50.00 Well done mate; you’re an amazing young woman. Congratulations on completing the walk, a big hug is coming your way
Angelika and Thomas $700.00 Hi Rebecca and Daniel, you're doing a very good Job and we are proud of you. Enjoy the last days of your track. Many greatings from the Germans (Mamsi, Papsi , Jan, Ronja, Opa and Oma.....)
Chris Pollard $330.00 330 kms to go should be worth a dollar each I reckon (last of the big spenders!)
Mike G. $10.00 Good on ya....
Kauri & National Team $70.00 Keep up the good work, well done! We think you are amazing and admire your commitment. Best wishes from Stan Bunting, Rob Woodgates, Glen Pattison & Charles Anson.
Graham $100.00 Well done and thinking you must nearly be finished. A small contribution in recognition of the disturbed night's sleep in Mid Wairoa Hut last month that Paige and I were responsible for!
Mark and June $50.00 Good on you!!
Kathy and Sam hill $100.00 Hope your epic journey is going well.lovely to meet you both in the nelson lakes
Warren Baddeley & Michelle Brljevich $100.00 Hey Becks - we think you are an amazing young women - huge challenge and we take our hats off to you. Great cause you are raising monies for.
Anonymous $30.00
Kauri Team $60.00 Well Done Rebecca; 2/3 of the way there :). All the best from Ivy Rakich, Leyhanna Parker & Dean Shortland
Steve, USA $20.00 A big thanks to Steve from the US who donated to the cause on the trail through Nelson Lakes Park. All the best for your travels in NZ and abroad!
Paulsen Family $100.00 Well Done Rebecca - we think you are amazing!
Kauri & National Team $50.00 Part 2. Courageous commitment. Inspirational, well done! All the best for the rest of the trail from Garry McCullough, Bill Ashurst, Sean Pindred, Mel Worth , Jan Hawea & Colin Oliver.
Kauri & National Team $51.00 Courageous commitment. Inspirational, well done! All the best for the rest of the trail from Garry McCullough, Bill Ashurst, Sean Pindred, Mel Worth , Jan Hawea & Colin Oliver.
Vaughn & Debbie Collier $50.00 Good on ya! Well done :)
Anonymous $30.00 This is so awesome Rebecca!
Steve Poole Electrical $150.00 Gutsy effort Bec. You are a real inspiration inspiration.
Tony+Ross, The Haks $100.00 Awesome effort Rebecca. All the best with your journey.
Theda $100.00 What an amazing journey to undertake. Nice to see you have already enjoyed my stomping ground of Bream Head. Go well.
Dennis, Waikanae $10.00
Nan $100.00 I am following you closely as you make your way down the country, HOW EXCITING!!!! Love you darling Nan xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sam H $50.00 Amazing!!! Really really cool.
Ben Douglas $50.00 Ben. Great to meet you Rebecca, awesome effort! Kia pai tonu to haerenga whakahidahira!
Jason Bartle $50.00 Well done Bex! You're an inspiration :-) be safe and all the best with the coming year! Much love Jase
Corey & Ep Fowler $20.00 All the best Bec's from your cousins in Rotorua
Kauri Site/ London Street/ Maungaturoto Site $124.10 Courageous commitment, inspirational. Well done! All the best from Mike Gibson, Christine Ashford, Kauri site, Rowan Hartigan, George Herbert, Ross Beddows, Angela Thomas & Liz Lindsay
Denise & Alan Barrell $50.00 Fantastic effort Rebecca, you are an inspiration to us al! All the best for the remainder of the walk
Irene & John Shortland $50.00 Well done! All the best from the Shortland's
Upper North Island Food Safety/Quality Team $300.00 Fantastic effort Rebecca, it takes a lot of courage to do what you are doing, we are right behind you! Sorry we didn't get to walk with you when you were in the Waikato. We held a fun "bottle auction" at our Xmas get together and gathered together a donation for your walk. Merry Xmas :). Liz, Vanessa, Steph, Ben, Dee, Duo, Hillary, Duncan, Marion, Renu, Catherine, Rachael, Kevin & Dianne
Arthur and Trena $50.00 All the best on your journey!
Kauri Team $206.50 An inspiring effort Bec! All of our thoughts are with you as you proceed through your walk. Rachael Kennedy, Kelley Allen- Bunting, Dave Saunders, Anthony Hanlon, Sue Mahood, Dean Shortland, Leona Johnson, Alan McGovern, Grant Thorn, Ray Critchley & Liz Maloney
Anonymous $30.00
Lynch family $100.00 You are doing what so many people only wish they could do...well done...and for a fantastic cause...Best regards, the Lynch family
Jane Cotty $50.00 Way to go Rebecca, your actions are inspiring others :)
Purvis family $25.00 What a great thing to do, all the best for your fundraising journey. Travel safe.
Terri Byars $25.00 It was so nice seeing you this weekend - you're such a superstar! Enjoy the rest of your adventure :)
clive from glasgow $50.00 Crossed K-Road with you in Auckland this morning, glad you had time to stop for a chat, and good luck.
Emily @ Oxfam $20.00 Thanks for coming into the Oxfam office this morning! Was so great to meet you - what an inspiration you are. Thank you for your efforts, looking forward to seeing how you get on. Good luck!
Adrian Buxton $10.00 All the best
Cam and Tony from the Stone Oven, Devonport $10.00
Anonymous $25.00
Rabbit $100.00 Go Becs!!!!
Anonymous $100.00
Louise Bishop $50.00 Good luck for the rest of your trip Bex. You are an absolute nutcase but a very inspirational one at that! Sending you lots of love from London xxx
AJay Morris $52.00 Nice work honey, way to live the dream and make a difference! Good to see some industry supporters on the list too! AJay
the longflatbottomers $25.00 you walk to built, awesome!
Concrete Tretaments $200.00 All the very best - take care of your feet! From the team @ Concrete Treatments
Sam and Scott Miller $50.00 We hope you have a fantastic adventure, that the weather is perfect for you and you enjoy seeing so much of Aotearoa :-)
Nate $25.00 Have fun and good luck.
Deirdre Costello $25.00 Best of luck. What a great cause.
Kalmar Construction Ltd $250.00 Best of luck Rebecca from the Team at Kalmar.
David $25.00 Have fun.
Crystal $11.00 Woo another fundraising milestone! Fantastic yoga class, it'll be a relax the afternoon
Laura & Becs $25.00 Fundraising yoga class. A massive thank you to Victoria Womens Gym, Yvonne and Laura Brinkman, our yoga instructor, for hosting the event. Greatly appreciated!
Trademe sale items $104.00 A big thanks to those who brought Trademe items! 50% of the money from the auctions went to the cause.
Ruby $25.00 Thanks for the yoga sessions! All the best for the trek!
Fundraiser Frisbee Tournament $800.00 Thanks to all those who attended! It was a great day and a great effort. And a massive thank you to Nate and the Auckland Ultimate Club for their gear hire, support and prizes!! It wouldn't have worked without you.
Evan & Oscar Barnes $25.00 All the best for the trek
Anonymous $10.00 Thank you for a fun hat tournament on this gorgeous day!!! best of luck with this major undertaking. Cheers, Vickie.
Jordan 4k? $20.00
Anonymous $25.00 Jan - Good luck with your trekking and fundraising
Kristina $50.00 You are a pure inspiration and a completely wonderful human being; I really hope we'll meet again soon. Miss you dear friend. Wish you all the best in your amazing journey.
chifatso $50.00 good luck
Mel Scott $50.00 Have an awesome trip!
D n T $100.00 Good luck with it Becs! See you in windy Wellington!
Meryl Benson $30.00
Zhana $100.00 Best of luck sweetheart! I still can't believe you're doing it, but I'm so so proud of ya! :)
Anonymous $100.00 Truly fearless, this is absolutely inspiring Rebecca!
Tom $50.00 Go get em Bex!! Left, right, left, right, left....(3000km's later)....right, finish!!
nikki Watson $50.00 Go you! Have fun and enjoy the adventure!
Laminex NZ $500.00 Kathie Valintine. Wishing you a great challenging walk for a great charity.
Ant $100.00 Heard your amazing story thru crystal! You are an inspiration! You go girl! A French of Josh and Val
Cathy & Lloyd $100.00 All the best for your challenge Rebecca! Thanks for being a great tenant. Is Winston going too?
Louise $50.00 All the best for your epic trek and your fundraising for an awesome cause.
Swan Railley Architects (Australasia) Ltd $500.00 The team at Swan Railley wonders what we have done to make you want to do this but wish you all the best for a great walk, a great cause and great success in fund raising!
Jess Johns $75.00 Good luck you crazy cat!
liz $50.00 Good luck missy! Crazy for a good cause :)
Anonymous $121.00 best of luck on your adventure :)
Chris Pollard $100.00 Ohh to be so young and good hearted. All the best Rebecca!
Matt and Beth lee $25.00 All the best with your big adventure for your worthwhile cause.
Frenzi Group Ltd $800.00 All the best achieving The Great Aotearoa Walk Legend..
Lennart $25.00 Good luck you short little Architect!
Div $50.00 Good luck miss!!!