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you can help change lives

You might not be able to flick a switch to end poverty and injustice, but you can help make a difference by switching power companies. Sign up your main home to Powershop and they’ll credit your first bill with $100 and donate $50 to Oxfam!! 

That $50 could help change lives by enabling women to live free from domestic violence, ensuring communities have safe water and toilets, training farmers to grow healthy food with additional crops to sell, or helping vulnerable people prepare for extreme weather.  

It’s easy to change

You can sign-up to Powershop online and it only takes a few minutes. Powershop even guarantees you’ll save money over your current power company in your first year with them.


powerful reasons to change

you'll save money   you'll help change lives

Make the change to Powershop, send them
a recent bill from your current electricity provider,
and after 12 months Powershop will do
a full review to make sure you've saved.


When you make the change, you'll be
supporting Oxfam's life-changing work,
and helping vulnerable communities to
break free from poverty and injustice.


And you can do it in just a few minutes.

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FAQs about Powershop

Who is Powershop?

What is different about Powershop?

How do I make the switch?

How do the Guaranteed Savings work?

More questions?


Who is Powershop?

Powershop is a stand-alone subsidiary of Meridian Energy Limited (a publicly listed company majority owned by the New Zealand Government). Its headquarters are in Wellington with a friendly call centre in the Wairarapa township of Masterton.

Powershop has an average of 90%+ residential customer satisfaction for the past 8 years, rated by an independent survey.

What is different about Powershop?

Powershop has an online shop and mobile app where you can buy electricity online and monitor and control your usage to save power and money.

You can buy power online before you use it so that you can budget ahead, or after you use it like you do now.

Powershop has no fixed term contracts, so you’re not locked in. Instead of prompt payment discounts, they offer regular discounted power specials you can buy from the online shop or on the go from the app.

How do I switch to Powershop?

You’ll need to switch online from this special page on the Powershop website to ensure you get $100 free power and Oxfam gets their $50 contribution.

Signing up to Powershop online is easy and it only takes a few minutes. All you'll need is your preferred payment details (credit card or bank account). 

Powershop will do the rest, including contacting your old power company so you don’t have to break the bad news.

How do the Guaranteed Savings work?

Powershop guarantee you won’t be out of pocket after you make the change.

When you switch your main home to Powershop they'll guarantee to save you money over your first year compared to your old power company.

To get your Guaranteed Savings, you’ll need to send in a recent bill from your old power company. Powershop will ask you for this when you sign up online.

Watch this video to find out more about how Powershop’s Guaranteed Savings work.

More questions?

Check out the Questions and Answers on the Powershop website.


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