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Six Good Christmas Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything

Oxfam Unwrapped New Zealand

Do Good this Christmas by gifting an Oxfam Unwrapped Charity Gift Card.

We’ve curated six cards that will make a positive difference in the world. These make the perfect gifts for those people in your life who have everything!


Water For a Family

Natural and man-made disasters struck when we least expect it, but it impacts millions of people around the world. Many are forced to flee their homes and leave everything behind.

By choosing this gift, it ensures that individuals affected by this have clean water to drink and wash themselves. You’ll feel good knowing that you’ve done your part to help.

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Gift someone this sweet card and change lives all the way in Vanuatu. There is no better way to give this Christmas than supporting woman farmers earn an income for essentials like food and schooling, invest in their business and build a better future for their families.

This gift also gives farmers ongoing support so that each farm is successful. This Unwrapped card is the perfect gift for someone whose has everything and you’re stuck wondering what to get them.

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A light in the Darkness

Do good this Christmas by gifting a card that brings others light. With the rise in natural disasters, families flee from their homes and arrive at refugee camps with only the clothes they’re wearing.

This gift ensures that those affected do not spend their nights in darkness. A simple solar lamp can help children to study, parents to do chores and individuals to feel safer at night.

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Educate A Child

Due to the unsafe water and poor sanitation in schools in Papua New Guinea, it is very common for girls to miss out on schooling when they have their period.
This gift gives girls the education they need, help them stay healthy and ensure that sanitary conditions are kept to a high standard.

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Water For A School

Feel good by doing good with this gift this Christmas. By choosing this life-saving gift, you can bring clean water to a whole school. Additionally, Oxfam will also install toilets and teaches students about the importance of hygiene so that children can stay healthy and spend more time getting an education.

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Christmas Flock of Chickens

There are many health benefits with Chickens, and one of those includes helping someone living in poverty earn a better living. This good Christmas gift supports woman farmers in Vanuatu thrive with their farming business to pay for essentials like food and schooling.

Farmers will also learn business skills and get ongoing support so that their poultry farms are successful. Farmers will also be trained to ensure their animals receive the best possible care.

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