Inside Gaza: Videos from Oxfam’s Gaza archive

No gas for cooking in Gaza — June 2008

The blockade of Gaza has cut cooking gas supplies to less than one day’s worth a week for the last six weeks. It is hard for housewives to get gas for cooking because people are using cooking gas to run their cars since petrol and diesel supplies have been heavily restricted in Gaza.

Life in Gaza – Dalal’s story — May 2008

Dalal is a mother for seven daughters, lives in middle of Gaza. She is one of Oxfam’s water tanks and hygiene kits beneficiaries. She lives in a very poor conditions and in dire need for help.

Fuel crisis in the Gaza Strip — May 2008

The Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip has led to severe fuel shortages across the territory. Petrol pump stations have been shut and there are few cars on the streets. Ordinary people have been worst affected, with students walking to school and university, and many doctors and teachers not able to turn up to work.

No fish today in Gaza — May 2008

The Gazan fishing industry has been decimated in recent years due to restrictions on how far out to sea fishermen are allowed to sail. The recent fuel shortages have made life especially difficult.

In this video fishermen talk about their lives and describe how they are coping.

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