Oxfam flies aid to Nias

Following Oxfam's initial assessment emergency materials will be flown to the worst affected area of Nias from our Indonesian warehouses, it is hoped these will be flown to Nias by today (Wednesday).

Oxfam's first priority is to address the water supply that has collapsed completely in many areas. Without access to clean drinking water disease is a major concern.

Oxfam's assessment team have ordered water tanks and tap stands, generators to restart the local water system, fuel for generators and water trucks, 4,000 jerry cans and chlorine for water purification.

Oxfam have ordered other essential items including tents, torches, cooking utensils and fuel, as well as gloves, boots and masks for those gathering the bodies.

All these supplies are currently being collected in our warehouses in Aceh and in Medan and it is hoped that they will be flown to Nias by today.

Oxfam's assessment team were staying in a camp in Nias last night and were continuing their assessment overnight and into today.

Alessandra Villas-Boas, an Oxfam aid worker on the assessment mission said last night; "The collapse of the water system in Gunungsitoli has left 20,000 people without access to clean drinking water. Unless we get a water supply back up and running, disease could break out and more lives could be lost. Tomorrow we'll begin to fly in emergency supplies so we can get clean water and basic supplies to people."

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