Sweet solution to a sticky problem

In the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, producing and selling honey is proving to bee one sweet solution to the sticky problem of increasing family incomes in the region.

Oxfam and our partner the Henagaru Village Development Cooperative in Okapa District of the Eastern Highlands Province are hosting bee keeping training. The training is the start of a short and sweet activity to support 22 beekeepers in the village to improve their apiary skills and produce delicious, healthy (and profitable) honey.

There's a real buzz of excitment in the village as the training gets underway. Everyone taking part in the training will learn about the hives and different types of bees. In the photo above, the trainers are pointing out the queen bee.

As well as learning about different types of bees and the honey frames, the community will also learn about the marketing and financial aspects of selling honey. Oxfam and our partners will help these new honey producers get their product to market and help them secure the best possible price – bringing much-needed cash incomes into the village.

Hive five to our trainer, Kelly Inae, for sharing his extensive bee keeping skills!

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