Break the Cycle

You can break the cycle of poverty

Orphaned at just 11, and impregnated at 15, Liliosa, from Zimbabwe, believed she had to fight poverty on her own. She said, ‘The parents of the young man refused to accept me, denying the pregnancy.’

Rejected, she travelled back to her uncle who was caring for her younger sister. But he told her that he couldn’t look after them, and sent the three of them away.

Liliosa, at just 16, became the sole provider for her little baby and younger sister. She felt unwanted and alone.

Her story doesn’t end there. Because of someone just like you, Oxfam was there to help. Liliosa took part in an Oxfam cash assistance programme. Now she has shelter, and can buy food, medication and pay for school for her sister.

As you know, Liliosa’s story is not a one off. Young women around the world face the same circumstances and injustice of poverty, often with no one to turn to for help.

Please donate today to break the cycle of poverty and help Oxfam be there, on the ground, to support more young women like Liliosa.

*photos: Keith Parsons/Oxfam


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