Our local partner goes Fairtrade!

In August, Oxfam's partner in Timor-Leste, Cooperativa Comercio-Agricola Timor-Leste (C-CAT) received Fairtrade certification!

C-CAT is a marketing group that works with local coffee bean growers to sell the beans in local and international markets.

C-CAT and coffee farmers have been working towards their Fairtrade certification for four years, so this is an enormous achievement for them. To get the certification, coffee farmers and workers need to demonstrate that they consistently meet standards around collective decision making, environmental preservation, workers' rights and child protection.

Fairtrade certification not only means that coffee farmers will receive a guaranteed minimum price for their coffee, meaning they can support themselves and their families, but also a ‘Fairtrade Premium’, which is money they can invest back into their community for things like education, healthcare, infrastructure, and environmental initiatives.

The certification also gives C-CAT connections to Fairtrade coffee traders all over the world, which could link them with new international buyers. Their director is already in conversation with several European buyers keen to purchase Timorese coffee.