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Students across New Zealand want to learn more about poverty, globalisation, and issues related to social and economic justice.

Oxfam New Zealand promotes education that helps young people understand the global issues that affect their lives and take action towards a more just and sustainable world.

Global citizenship

Photo of teacher teachingAimed at teachers in all subjects, and across all age groups, our global citizenship guides introduce the key elements of Oxfam's Curriculum for Global Citizenship, as well as providing case studies outlining best practice in the classroom, activities that can be adapted for use in many curriculum areas, and resources for further reading.

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Classroom resources

An interactive simulation game to help learners understand the global food system.
What is climate change? These activities explore what climate change is, its causes, effects, and how our everyday activities contribute to it.
Start a discussion between your students on the world food system and the role of fair trade with these resources.
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