A light in the darkness

Send someone this card and your donation will also support people affected by disasters.


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How does this gift help?

Around the world natural and man-made disasters force millions of people to flee their homes and leave everything behind. Many arrive in refugee camps with only the clothes they are wearing. Your gift makes sure that refugees don’t have to spend their evenings and nights in darkness. A solar lamp allows children to study and parents to do chores around the house.

This gift brings light to families around the world, so they don’t have to share their meals in darkness and can feel safer at night.

“Life here is hard for us. It’s hard to feed the family, it’s difficult to move around the camps. We eat our dinner before sunset because we have no light in our tent. Sometimes we eat in the dark” – Nur in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, the world’s largest refugee camp

This donation is eligible for a tax rebate from the IRD. Details for this donation will be included in your tax certificate from Oxfam at the end of the financial year. You can claim tax credits on Unwrapped donations that add up to equal to or less than your taxable income during the tax year.


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