Bag of Bugs Toys

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Seven cute cotton bugs, a leaf, and a flower in their own gathering bag; all with hidden talents, such as crunches, squeaks, reflectors and rattles. Adorable and interactive.

This toy is made from scratch by the artisans at Selyn. First the cotton is dyed in the Selyn dye house with AZO non toxic dyes, then woven by the master weavers on hand-looms in the weaving workshop. Once the fabrics are ready they are cut into pieces and then assembled and stuffed by expert craftspeople in the toy factory.

Contains 7 bugs and matching bag. Suitable for all ages.

Dimensions: Bag 22 x 30 cm, bugs approx. 15 x 10 cm
Please note: Hand wash cold

Located in Kurunegala in Sri Lanka, Selyn is a fair trade hand loom company that manufactures and exports hand loom textiles and toys made from 100% natural cotton fabrics. Selyn provides a creative space for men, women and youth from rural parts of Sri Lanka to use their skills, helping them improve their living standards and become financially empowered. Read more here.

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