Ceramic Paper Cup

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A Nepalese ceramic expression and social commentary of the ubiquitous disposable plastic cup, complete with indented side. It feels great to hold and drink from.

This cup comes from Thimi, a Nepalese village famous for its ceramic production in Nepal where the local potters (Prajapatis) use traditional pottery techniques handed down through generations. Made from ratomato a natural red clay found in the hills of Nepal, non toxic glazes and fired at high temperatures to ensure superior strength and quality.

Dimensions: 5 cm diameter x 8.5 cm
Made from: Ceramic
Please note: Dishwasher and Microwave Proof

This ceramic cup is made by Mahaguthi. They provide markets, regular income and support to small producer groups, regularly investing in infrastructure and training for them. It also operates a large production facility where local employment opportunities are generated through work in textiles and paper making.

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