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Christmas chicken

Send someone this card and your donation can help change lives in Vanuatu.

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How does this gift help?

These are no ordinary chickens; these chickens can help someone living in poverty to earn a better living. Send someone this card and your donation can help fund incredible programmes like this one in Vanuatu. Your donation can help support women farmers to build thriving farming businesses rearing animals and growing crops. The income from rearing chickens is used to pay for essentials like food and schooling.

As part of this programme, farmers will also learn business skills and get ongoing support so that each poultry farm is successful. Farmers are trained to ensure their animals receive the best possible care.

“With the sale of my first rooster, I bought solar panels. So now, in this area, in all of our houses, we have solar lights on in the night.” – Bertha Harry on her farm on Malekula Island, Vanuatu

How this gift changes lives

Give gifts with a purpose. Every purchase of an Oxfam Unwrapped gift card is a donation that helps transform the lives of people living with injustice.


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