Christmas Onions

From: $17.00


Send someone this card and you will be changing lives in Papua New Guinea.

This donation is eligible for a tax rebate from the IRD. Details for this donation will be included in your tax certificate from Oxfam at the end of the financial year. You can claim tax credits on Unwrapped donations that add up to equal to or less than your taxable income during the tax year.

How does this gift help?

Your gift helps people set up their own business in remote Papua New Guinea and earn a sustainable living through farming onions. Your gift will bring a tear to your eye, as it is a sustainable and wonderful way to help farmers earn an income, invest in their business and build a better future. Onion farmers learn marketing skills to earn more money from their onions, which can pay for essentials like clothing and school fees. 

“In the weekends I come home to help with the work in the bulb onion gardens. With the income we get from onions, we get things we need like mattresses and blankets, plates, cups and soap. When we return to school, we are provided with our bus fare and money to buy stationery from the bulb onion income.”
– Maria, Highlands province, Papua New Guinea.

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