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Christmas Pig

Send someone this card and you will be changing lives in Vanuatu.

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How it works

Give gifts with a purpose. Every Oxfam Unwrapped gift card helps transform the lives of people living in poverty by providing food, safe water and other life-changing essentials.

How does this gift help?

Your gift is a pig that helps build sustainable farms! This is no ordinary pig. This is a pig that can help someone living in poverty to earn a better living. Farmers can use the pig’s manure, and piglets can be sold to pay for essentials like food and schooling. Your gift is supporting women farmers in Vanuatu to build thriving farming businesses rearing animals and growing crops.

As part of your gift farmers will also learn business skills and get ongoing support so that each farm is successful. Farmers are trained to ensure their animals receive the best possible care.

31-year old mother-of-two, Sila, here pictured at her farm in Pinalum Village, Malekula Island, Vanuatu, is the main farmer in her household. After seeing the success that others in her village had had selling pigs, she decided to start her own pig farm.

This donation is eligible for a tax rebate from the IRD. Details for this donation will be included in your tax certificate from Oxfam at the end of the financial year. You can claim tax credits on Unwrapped donations that add up to equal to or less than your taxable income during the tax year.

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  1. kevin prutton

    These gifts are important to other people.

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