Copper Curry Bowl - Small

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The authentic Indian copper curry bowl can either be used as a cooking pot or serving dish for small curries and side dishes. The outer copper surface ensures even heat distribution, the inner stainless steel surface allows for easy care and cooking. Made from food grade copper and stainless steel, this range will complete an authentic Indian cooking and dining experience in the home.

Our copper pots are hand crafted by a traditional kitchen-utensil maker in India from food grade, high purity rating, heavy gauge copper and stainless steel to ensure efficacy and durability of cookware.

Dimensions: Diameter 13cm
Made from: 100% Food Grade Copper, Stainless Steel
Please note: Before use, wash in soapy water to remove any residues. Clean with a Salt-Vinegar-Flour Paste: 1 tsp salt : 1 cup vinegar. Add enough flour to make a paste. Apply paste to copper, rest for 15-60 min. Rinse with water, polish dry with soft cloth.

This small copper curry bowl is made by Aspiration International. They assist many artisan groups throughout India to ensure the survival of their unique craft traditions. Working alongside approximately 30 producer partners, Aspiration International encourages their artisans to become self-sufficient through allowing them to set up their own workshops and employ other artisans. Read more here.  

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