Goat - No Kid-ding

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Send someone this card and you will be changing lives in Vanuatu.

This donation is eligible for a tax rebate from the IRD. Details for this donation will be included in your tax certificate from Oxfam at the end of the financial year. You can claim tax credits on Unwrapped donations that add up to equal to or less than your taxable income during the tax year.

How does this gift help?

By giving this card to someone you are also helping families in Vanuatu to start their own farming business and earn a sustainable living through rearing goats and other animals.

Goats bring smiles to many faces and not least to women farmers in rural Vanuatu. The additional income from rearing goats allows them to build permanent housing, gain secure access to clean drinking water and generally provide for their families.

Your gift is helping to create brighter futures.

Eunice from Pinalum Village, Malekula Island, Vanuatu, is the lead farmer, not only in her farming group, but in her family as well. Her husband has been sick for three years, which prevents him from working. Eunice was able to build a permanent house using the money she earned, which she is proud of. Her next goal is getting a water tank for storing rain water – there’s a well in the village but it sometimes dries up, which impacts farmers’ crops and livestock. Unes’ daughter Jeannette (10) is pictured at their farm.

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