Hammered Steel Serving Platter

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This beautiful rectangular serving tray platter is handmade from steel and has a hammered finish.

Size: 31 x 15.5 cm

Made From: Steel

Aspiration International

Aspiration International is one of Oxfam Australasia’s oldest trading partners, and assists many artisan groups throughout India to ensure the survival of their unique craft traditions.

Founded in 1993 by Padam Kapoor after his government work in the handicraft development area, Aspiration International has achieved global recognition as an exporter of premium-grade fair trade products. Due to the organisation’s high commitment to quality and willingness to expand and create customized products, Aspiration International has developed a huge export client base around the world.

With a vision of improving the lives of economically disadvantaged Indian artisans, Kapoor established an independent fair trade company that purchased and exported the artisan’s products equitably. Working alongside approximately 30 producer partners, Aspiration International encourages their artisans to become self-sufficient through allowing them to set up their own workshops and employ other artisans. Aspiration International also works with women who are working from home to assist them in gaining financial empowerment, while still being able to care for their children. Paying their workers above the minimum wage, Aspiration International treats their workers with respect and offers them a chance to lead independent and stable lives.

Along with their fair-trade mission, Aspiration International aims to give new life to the ancient crafts of India. Undertaking in-depth research into traditional Indian designs, Aspiration International strives to provide its customers with products which maintain contemporary aesthetics whilst incorporating designs from the ancient culture of India. Aspiration International’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction remains clear as they employ expert quality control analysts to supervise the production process. Products which Aspiration International market includes costume jewelry, kasmiri paper-mâché products, copper and stainless steel kitchen ware, Christmas decorations and Sheesham wood homewares such as decorative boxes and photo frames. As a conscientious business that believes in sustainability, Aspiration International asks each of their producer partners to plant two trees a year and nurture their growth.

Aspiration International also aims to work with groups who make intricate carved wooden products, including local Jalicut and Jaipur techniques, as the continuous production of these crafts is essential in the preservation of India’s cultural identity. Aspiration International prides itself on the fine workmanship which goes into their products, the attentive and timely delivery of their exports, and their customised shipment packages which conform to varying clients’ needs. Aspiration International remains distinguishable for the subtle blend of contemporary design and ethnic taste encompassed within their products, and its ability to maintain reasonable prices with fair trade standards.

Visit the Aspiration International website here.

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