Hygiene Kit

From: $20.00


Your gift is a hygiene kit for a family.

This donation is eligible for a tax rebate from the IRD. Details for this donation will be included in your tax certificate from Oxfam at the end of the financial year. You can claim tax credits on Unwrapped donations that add up to equal to or less than your taxable income during the tax year.

How does this gift help?

It saves lives! When disaster strikes, an Oxfam hygiene kit can make all the difference. Thoughtfully designed, it includes essential items such as a solar flashlight, soap and reusable sanitary pads. The bucket with a lid helps to keep water safe and clean, and prevents deadly outbreaks of waterborne diseases like cholera. Staying healthy helps communities get back on their feet sooner.You’re supporting families to rebuild their lives.

Together we’re changing the world one gift card at a time! Oxfam Unwrapped cards are a great way to honour the people in your life while helping to build lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty and inequality.

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