Jute Love Doll

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This delightful little love doll is embellished with a red heart and is handmade from Jute. Jute is a strong natural fibre with significant environmental benefits as it consumes carbon dioxide, it is 100% biodegradable, renewable and is sustainably harvested.

Hand crafted by skilled artisans working with CORR- The Jute Works, one of our fair trade partners in Bangladesh. Our jute products are changing lives for thousands of rural women in Bangladesh.

Size: 10 cm

Material: Jute

This jute love doll is made by our partner CORR – The Jute Works (CJW). They are a non-profit organisation that tackles poverty in Bangladesh by empowering more than 7,000 female artisans to earn a living and thrive. Based in Dhaka, CJW is one of Bangladesh’s largest exporters of jute textiles and handicrafts.

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