Resin Earrings

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Colourful resin has been carefully mixed to create these unique, mixed and layered colours, creating striking sets of earrings. All these shapes are unique and sit on a silver hook.

*Please note that this item comes in assorted colours and shapes only.

To make these beautiful resin jewelry items, a very specific process is followed:

• The necessary chemicals are mixed in exact proportions that the artisan has defined due to his experience. Those recipes are treasured by him since they represent years of hard work and testing. The success of the process depends in part of this, since a wrong mix would end in a perpetually liquid resin or a jelly texture that is impossible to use.

• The mix is poured into moulds or big trays depending on the piece to be produced. Moulds are made of different materials such as liquid silicon rubber, aluminium or resin itself.

• Most of the pieces require several layers of resin in different colours and thicknesses and in most cases, each layer must be completely dry before pouring the next one. The drying process is affected by weather, since environmental humidity can lengthen or shorten the drying time.

• When the pieces are fully dry they are cut with the help of electrical saws, and polished several times by hand.

Dimensions: 2 x 4 cm
Made from: Resin And Stainless Steel Hook
Please note: Avoid perfumes and lotions

Sapia was founded in Colombia in order to market practical and beautiful products crafted from recycled and natural materials. As a fair-trade association based in a country where there is no standard income, Sapia works with low-income female artisans and supports them in leading sustainable lives. Read more here.

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