Vintage Silk Sari Scarf

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This stunning scarf is made from recycled sari silks. The intricate kantha stitch that adorns this sari silk scarf has been delicately hand stitched by artisans for the Craft Resource Centre in India.

Each scarf is completely unique and made of multi-coloured sari pieces.

Dimensions: 190 x 50 cm
Made from: Recycled Sari Silks
Please note: Hand-wash in mild detergent

The Craft Resource Center (CRC) is a World Fair Trade Organization, which assists informally organised artisan groups to develop self-sustaining businesses. CRC’s aim is to develop the artisan groups’ economic self-sufficiency by providing marketing, skills training, design, finance, and exporting assistance. CRC supplies raw materials if needed as well as advance payment to artisans. A main focus is the linkages between groups that CRC facilitates and fosters which in turn connect artisans to a broader community within the CRC network and provides them with training, cooperation and information. Read more here.

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