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Oxfam gifts are a great way to show your support and to spread the Oxfam message.

But most importantly, you know the money you give will be used intelligently to fight poverty and injustice.

Oxfam Trailwalker merchandise

Check out the variety of Oxfam Trailwalker merchandise at https://www.bivouac.co.nz/ such as T shirts and spibelts can be purchased along with the ever popular Oxfam resuable IdealCups.

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Pass the parcel: Oxfam Unwrapped

Oxfam Unwrapped has a fun and fresh new look this year with new cards, a new website and a quirky television commercial.

And with brand new gifts like a flat white for the ethical coffee aficionado in your life, to phone credit for a human rights defender, Oxfam Unwrapped has something for everyone, including old favourites like goats, organic bananas and piles of poo for the cheeky ones.When it comes to buying a great present, another pair of novelty socks or more bubble bath just won't do!

Not only are you buying a great gift, you’re giving someone living in poverty in the developing world the chance of a better life. Your loved ones will receive a card detailing the present you bought them, and your donation goes to those who need it most.

So pass the parcel and buy a life-changing gift! 

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Good Books

The Good Books model is simple. Every time anyone buys a book through the Good Books website, 100% of the retail profit from every sale goes to support communities in need through Oxfam projects.

As a result, charitable donation is built into an everyday activity at no extra cost.  The range of books is as large as any other online book store and the prices are competitive.

Buy a book now at usegoodbooks.com or find out more and watch Good Books' viral videos