Turn the page on poverty

Good Books

Oxfam and Good Books have teamed up to offer readers a very simple offer: every time you buy from Good Books, all the profit goes directly to fund projects in partnership with Oxfam.

The Good Books model is unique – and simple. Online book buyers are asked to do no more than just buy the titles they want through Good Books. All retail profits are then given to Oxfam to help in the fight against poverty and social injustice. There is no mark-up.

As a result, charitable donation is built into an everyday activity at no extra cost.  The range of books is as large as any other online book store and the prices are competitive. They also offer gift vouchers and audiobooks. So visit usegoodbooks.com and get browsing!

Award winning videos

Good Books' two Great Writers videos have gone viral! Each builds on the concept of telling the Good Books story in the style of some of the world's greatest authors. 

Havana Heat: Animated by world-famous duo MacBess and Simon of The Mill in London, Havana Heat is a steamy love letter to Good Books, in the bodice-ripping language made famous by Mills & Boon books

Metamorphosis - a twisted look at the Good Books story as might have been told by the dark lord of Gonzo, Hunter S Thompson