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Thank you for stopping by my fundraising page. In April 2015 Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake that killed over 8000 people, injured more than 21,000, and left hundreds of thousand homeless, with entire villages turned to rubble. More than a year on some of the debris has been cleared away, but many people are still living in temporary or unsafe housing, and don't have access to many basic needs.

Next March I will spend two weeks trekking through Nepal. Leading up to this I am fundraising for Oxam to help in their ongoing support of the people of Nepal. Any donations, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated. All proceeds go to Oxfam and Nepal. I am paying for all of my travel costs.

As part of getting ready I'm going to need to keep fit so I'll be trying to get out and do some walking at least every couple of weeks. If anyone would like to pledge to donate an amount for every time I do a walk or every km that would be great and will help to keep me motivated. I'll be posting post updates here regularly.

Thank you for you support,


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Fundraising target: $4,000.00

Total raised: $4,593.95
Achieved 115% of the target
Fundraising deadline: 31 March 2017

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Liz $200.00 Because you're awesome :) xx
$70.00 Donation box at Tree Adventures
Euan $49.00 Chocolate sales
Berni Mccride $100.00
Euan $120.00
Tim Tipene $100.00 It is in giving that we truly receive. Great service Euan. Truly a warrior.
Ellen $20.00 Walks 11 &12
Donation box at Tree Adventures $90.00
Anita McKee $100.00
Leon $50.00
Tui & Jimmy $50.00 Well done Euan, you're doing a great thing!
Tree Adventures $400.00 A well deserved contribution to get you over your fundraising target! We are proud to support your fundraising and trekking efforts for this worthy cause. Awesome work Euan.
Anonymous $100.00 Thank you for the adventure!
Anonymous $15.00 Merry Christmas, Liz & Euan!
Jeanette McKee $60.00
Michelle Rocard $20.00
Anonymous $19.95 Oxfam Unwrapped credit
Carl Berryman $30.00
Grandma $30.00 Top up from Grandma for your good cause
Jeanette McKee $100.00 A friend visited the area recently - they very much need the help you are fund raising for. Glad to participate.
Euan $100.00 Chocolate sales
Dawn McKee $20.00
Brie Evans $25.00 Happy birthday Euan :D
Ellen $50.00 Happy Birthday Brother!!
Megan $15.00 Happy Birthday Euan! You are Awesome :)
Daydreanne happy birthday $100.00 Keep up the good work people like you are changing the World :)
Ayden $150.00 Happy birthday Euan, Keep up the good work!
James $10.00 Happy birthday Euan
Caitlin B $20.00 Happy Birthday!
Ken and Anna McKee $300.00 Happy Birthday Euan!
Louise and Jon Nicholson $300.00 Good for you Euan. Keep walking towards your March goal and have a wonderful trip to Nepal and enjoy your treking there.
Ellen $30.00 Training walks 8, 9 and 10 :)
Josh May $20.00
Jessica Phan $20.00
Tree Adventures Staff $150.00
Anonymous $25.00
Kirstin Fraser $50.00 Been a while since I gave you some funds :)
Euan $20.00 Amy's birthday
Anonymous $200.00
Tania $25.00
Filip $100.00 Go Euan!
Euan $150.00 Chocolate sales
Euan $50.00 Ellen's birthday present
Ellen $20.00 Training walks 6 and 7
Sarah $30.02
Laura $10.00 Training Walk 7: Rangitoto Island 10km, 51km so far
Laura $10.00 Training Walk 6: Massey 6km, 41km so far
Ellen $50.00
Laura $10.00 Training walk 5: Moirs Hill Walkway
Laura $10.00 Training walk 4: Massey
Trevor $50.00
Owen $80.00
Dion McAsey $50.00 Hey Euan, all the best. Life is about experiences and this looks like a good one.
Laura $10.00 Training Walk 3: Cascades
Laura $10.00 Training Walk 2: Massey
Anonymous $100.00 Great choice dude - enjoy the walking!
Frances $100.00
Laura $10.00 Training Walk 1: Goldie Bush Walkway
Michelle $10.00 donation for the walk you have just done
Liz & Damon $50.00
Euan $29.98
MEGAN Means $100.00
Anonymous $200.00