In pictures: Photos of our emergency response to the Earthquake in China 2008

A 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck China's Sichuan province on 12 May causing widespread destruction and leaving five million people homeless.
Photo: REUTERS/ Claro Cortes,
Oxfam's team of 14 staff are currently at work in four locations in the quake-hit zones of Sichuan and Gansu. Photo: Keith Wong/Oxfam
Emergency supplies of food have reached the town of Xiushui, in An Xian, Sichuan. Oxfam is currently prioritising women, children and the elderly in our distributions. Photo: Keith Wong/Oxfam
Packages of dried milk are in demand in the earthquake-hit zone. Here, a distribution is taking place in Xiushui. Photo: Keith Wong/Oxfam
Setting up an outdoor kitchen. Several millon people lost their homes in the earthquake, creating a huge demand for shelter. Photo: Keith Wong/Oxfam
Oxfam is currently distributing durable fabric which can be used to set up temporary shelters. We are also sourcing stronger, enclosed tents from the adjacent province of Gansu, as well as Hebei in the north.
Photo: REUTERS/ Reinhard Krause,


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