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Shahanara's story:

Shahanara is one of over 9 million people in Bangladesh who lost their homes and livelihoods in the worst flooods in living memory. Thousands were killed when intense rains, swelling rivers and high tides washed away entire villages. Here she explains how her life has been affected:

Shahanara (45) stands in flood water near the camp she has been staying at for five months since her house was destroyed in the floods in the village of Puteakh


"I have lost my house four times due to this flood. Each year the flood the takes my house I have to take shelter in the school. Two years back my house was raised but this year flood has destroyed my home again.

"My husband used to work in the fields. Now he does not have any job. I even used to work during the harvest season to earn money and help my family, but this year we have no jobs.

"I had two goats but they have died. With these goats I used to earn some money, but I don't even have that anymore.

“Where we will go for work, this year no crops have grown. Neither my husband nor I can work in the field.

"The water level is rising. I have raised my home and my husband is trying to work in the market. What else can we do. We have no option now".

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