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Oxfam's campaign for a future where everyone on the planet has enough to eat, always.

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Fixing the food system is a huge challenge - the biggest we've ever faced. Help kick up a storm about where progress has been made - and about the challenges we still face - by sharing these facts on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve put together some of the most interesting facts and figures from the GROW Report for you here.

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  • 40% of the US corn crop ends up in gas tanks instead of stomachs #GROW
  • 500 million small farms in developing countries help feed almost 2 bn people #GROW
  • By 2050 more than 4 billion people will live in countries that are chronically short of water.
  • Consumers in rich countries may waste as much as a 1/4 of the food they buy.
  • Demand for water will #GROW by 30% by 2030.
  • From 1998-2010, the Vietnamese govt halved the number of hungry people in the country #GROW
  • In 2009 investments in renewables overtook fossil fuel spending for the 1st time.
  • In 2009 worldwide subsidies for fossil fuels were $312bn but only $57bn for renewable energy.
  • India doubled the size of its economy from 1990-2005. Despite this, the number of hungry people grew by more than the population of France
  • International food prices of some basic foods - such as rice, wheat and maize - are set to more than double by 2030.
  • It's estimated that 3 agribusiness firms (Cargill, Bunge and ADM) control nearly 90% of grain trading.
  • Largely thanks to govt policies, the proportion of hungry people in Brazil almost halved between 1992-2007
  • Some poor countries spend up to 6x as much on importing oil as they do on essential services such as #health
  • The amount of arable land per head has almost halved since 1960.
  • The global emissions cuts offers could still see temps rise by 3-4C #climate
  • Until the mid-90s, global hunger was in decline. Had progress been maintained, 413 million fewer ppl would be hungry today #GROW
  • World population is set to hit #9billion by 2050