Inaq wins fair pay for women workers

Speaking out against discrimination in Indonesia. Photo: Rino Hidayah/Oxfam
Speaking out against discrimination in Indonesia.

Women in Indonesia challenge injustice and discrimination to win fair pay for women workers.


Inaq Rumenah is a labourer on a tobacco farm. The tobacco season lasts only six months and harvesting and processing the leaves is difficult, back-breaking work.

Inaq is also a divorcee, struggling to earn enough money to feed and clothe her children on her own.

“I found out that for working an eight hour day, the men were paid 25,000 rupiah and the women only 10,000 rupiah. Why were we being paid less for the same work?” asks Inaq. “I’d attended a human rights workshop provided by [Oxfam partner] APIK NTB, and decided to organise meetings between the female workers and our employers to demand fair pay. At first they didn’t listen to us and so we went on strike. Then they listened, and now we are paid the same as the men and we all receive a one hour break at noon.”

Today Inaq Rumenah can support herself and her family. Inaq tells us: “With the extra pay I can now afford to send my 16-year old daughter, Seni, to the high school. She’s really working hard and wants to become a teacher. I’m so proud of her.”

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