Our partner: Bougainville Healthy Communities Programme

  • Founding date: 2006
  • Headquarters: Arawa 

The Bougainville Healthy Communities Programme (BHCP) provide a safe water supply in five communities in each of three districts in Bougainville – Bana, Siwai and Kieta. Fresh water will provide a basis for people to rebuild their lives and their communities after the difficulties the region has faced.

BHCP work mainly in the most conflict affected ‘no go’ zone of Bougainville. This programme has the potential to not only supply much needed water and sanitation but to bring communities together, to work co–operatively and build peace.

The BHCP is designed to encourage a community-based and owned primary health system. The results to date have impressed the autonomous Bougainville government ,which has agreed to integrate the programme into the Bougainville health system and expand it to cover the other districts.