Eastern Highlands Family Voice

  • Headquarters: Goroka, Eastern Highlands
  • Website: http://familyvoicepng.wordpress.com/ (under construction)
  • Mission: We promote family values, rights and responsibilities and are committed to reducing family and sexual violence in Eastern Highlands. 

Eastern Highlands Family Voice (EHFV) has been operating for almost ten years and is recognised as a leading NGO, both within the province and nationally, working on issues of family violence, violence against women, and sexual- and gender-based violence.  Government services in this sector are poorly resourced and delivered and the majority of service delivery has often fallen to NGOs and faith-based organisations. 

EHFV provides paralegal advice and training, community mediation and conflict resolution support, awareness and advocacy programmes and direct counselling services to women, men, children and communities in Eastern Highlands. Since its establishment, it has counselled thousands of people and worked with hundreds of communities and individuals on lessening violence.

EHFV also deals with violence against women and children by fighting for their rights in a traditionally male-dominated society, where practices such as polygamy are culturally and legally acceptable and practised, thus contributing to the low status of women and the high level of violence against them and their children.


EHFV provides:

  • Counselling and support services to victims and survivors of problems related to family issues and the perpetrators of family violence
  • Training and practical assistance to people, organisations and groups involved in similar work in PNG and abroad
  • Collects, analyses and documents information on Family Rights issues in the Eastern Highlands
  • Lobbies and mobilises support for family and family related issues
  • Co-ordinates Eastern Highlands organisations to share information and work together on family issues
  • Advocates with the NGO community, government agencies and local organisations to see how Family Rights issues could be
  • incorporated into their programmes
  • Develops and carry out awareness programmes through special events and the production and distribution of information on family and family related issues