Our partner: Tulele Peisa

Ursula takes in the changing landscape of Huene Island
Tulele Peisa is coordinating the evacuation of Carteret Islanders from their homes as they become the world's first climate refugees. Ursula owns land on Huene Island. Her family will be amongst these refugees.
  • Founding date: 2006
  • Headquarters: Carteret Islands, North of Bougainville
  • Website: http://tuelepeisa.org/
  • Mission: Tulele Peisa exists to support, promote and facilitate the voluntary relocation and resettlement of the Tulun/Carterets Islanders

Tulele Peise was founded by the Carteret Islands Council of Elders to fast track the relocation of Carteret Island’s people to mainland Bougainville.

In Carteret’s local language (Halia), Tulele Peisa means ‘sailing the waves on our own’ and describes the voyage of Bougainvilleans to the Carteret Islands.

This voyage is now being undertaken in reverse. As a result of over-population and the impact of climate change, people are having to leave behind their homes and livelihoods and move to Bougainville. The aim of Tulele Peisa is to maintain these people's cultural identity, and help them live sustainably in Bougainville.

Tulele Peisa's objectives are:

  • To prepare and work with three host communities on Bougainville to ensure that there is adequate land, infrastructure and economic opportunities to include Carterets people
  • Work with 1700 Carterets people to prepare them for voluntary relocation on Bougainville through counselling, agriculture, income generation, education, health and community development training programmes.
  • Establish a conservation and marine management area for sustainable use of marine resources for Carterets Islanders
  • Increase awareness about the plight of Carterets people and the complexities surrounding their relocation to new communities
  • Building the capacity of Tulele Peisa to carry out its objectives and develop as a resource centre for Carterets and communities on Bougainville over the next 10 years