Young Ambassadors for Peace

  • Headquarters: Tari, Southern Highlands Province
  • Founding date: 2003
  • Associated with: United Church of Papua New Guinea
  • Mission: To express our belief that all people are created by God to live in harmony, by responding to situations of conflict in South Highlands Province through training and peace building programmes.

Effecting peace and change

Young Ambassadors for Peace (YAP) is giving people the skills and abilities to resolve conflicts through peaceful means. It is building a culture of peace in the Southern Highlands of PNG through workshops and directly convening peace negotiations between clans.

The workshops bring together different sectors of society, including church leaders, excombatants, court magistrates, police, young people and teachers, to discuss conflict resolution and the need for mutual understanding without resorting to violence. YAP was instrumental in the signing of a Peace Agreement between 32 warring clans in Tari on October 2, 2008.