Leave a gift in your Will

Remembering Oxfam in your Will

"It’s the way Oxfam works.  You provide economic growth and prosperity to those who need it most."
– Brett Stansfield, intending on leaving a gift to Oxfam in his Will.

From Oxfam International’s first appeal in 1948, to the famine of Ethiopia and the crisis in Syria – we will always act, we will speak out, and with you we stand against poverty.

Today, we’re a movement of millions of people, all working towards one goal – an end to poverty for everyone. Your Will is a testament of what you believe in. And by leaving a gift in your Will to Oxfam, you can keep changing lives for generations to come.

Much of Oxfam's work fighting for a just world without poverty has been able to advance to where it is today because of gifts in Wills. The impact from such forward thinking in support of Oxfam cannot be understated. It helps us plan our long-term development work more effectively, enabling thousands of people to improve their lives through better crops, more food, cleaner water and improved access to healthcare and education.

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As you consider including Oxfam in your Will, you may find it helpful to think about the following:

  • A gift in a Will is often the most cost-effective form of funding given, because it does not cost Oxfam a lot of money to raise.
  • A gift in your Will arranged now does not impose on your current budget. It does not mean you have to dip deeply into your current cash flow.
  • Oxfam has made considerable positive impact in addressing extreme poverty and your bequest can add considerable momentum to continuing that success in the future. The Council for International Development reports that the proportion of poor people in the world has shrunk over the past two centuries. As recently as 1981 more than 50% of the world population lived in absolute poverty.  In 2015 it was down to 14%.
"We support Oxfam because it works with people to change their lives for the better, the whole community, not just one group or one child. And because it is political. It looks behind the reasons that so many suffer and urges Governments to make better decisions to help others."
– Mr & Mrs Fraser.

Supporter stories

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How to leave a bequest

The good news is that it can be a relatively simple process. Please click on one of the following links to our simple guides. If you still have questions afterwards, please feel free to contact Bryony on bryony.greenhalgh@oxfam.org.nz or 09 355 7415.

Contact us

Bryony is happy to discuss your legacy gift options in confidence and answer any questions you may have. Please email bryony.greenhalgh@oxfam.org.nz for more information or phone 09 355 7415. You can also write to us at PO Box 68357, Newton, Auckland 1145, New Zealand. 

If you have already chosen to leave a gift in your Will, it really helps if you can let us know. This enables us to make stronger plans for the future as we continue our work towards a just world without poverty.