Oxjam 2007

Oxjam 07 – making a big noise!


Oxjam 07 took place throughout October, and was a month of music with a message - that we need to Make Trade Fair. New Zealand’s best known musicians gave their support at concerts up and down the country.

We said, do what you love doing, just change the world while you’re doing it. And thanks for embracing the call!

Evermore busked for Oxfam in the streets of Auckland, while more than 500 musicians including Crowded House, The Black Seeds, Hollie Smith, George and Queen, and Little Bushman tagged their concerts as Oxjams, where Oxfam supporters campaigned for fairer trade rules and an end to extreme poverty.

Over 200 Oxfam supporters collected an estimated 4500 petition signatures (still counting!) from concert-goers at over 140 gigs in 14 towns.

While some were out there campaigning, others were organising fundraising events including theatre performances, pub gigs and open mic nights, raising more than $12,000 for Oxfam’s work in some of the world’s poorest regions . A phenomenal response for our DIY Oxjams!

The money raised and signatures gathered over the month will all help Oxfam achieve its vision of a fairer, safer and more sustainable world.


Oxjam videos

Kiwi muso's shout out for Oxjam -- watch it here!

  They're Oxjamming in PNG!