Fundraising resources

Oxfam Water Challenge resources are designed to support your team’s fundraising. When you sign up, you will receive a whole bunch of resources in your fundraising pack.  Using these fun resources is a great addition to any fundraising and some of the resources are money-makers in themselves!

Online team page

Your number one fundraising resource is your online fundraising team page so make sure you upload a photo and some information about your team – people love to know why you’re taking part and how they can help! Once it’s up to scratch, you’ll need to tell people about it so make sure you send the link far and wide.

Some extra help from our friends at ...

Sileni Estates

Sileni EstatesThanks to Sileni Estates Ltd, who maintain high standards in environmentally sustainable viticultural and winemaking practices, for supporting the Oxfam Water Challenge. They bring delectable, hand crafted wines to you and provide a fantastic, easy way to fundraise, getting you closer to your fundraising goals. 

Download the fundraising form

Jelly Belly

Order your Jelly Belly bean machine and jelly beans using this downloadable form – send your order straight to Jelly Belly to receive these awesome, discounted sweet treats to use for fundraising. You might like to auction a bean machine full of beans off for a tidy profit? Or maybe you could run a ‘How many beans in the jar’ competition? The ideas are endless!

Download the fundraising form


Trade Aid

Order your Trade Aid chocolate or fundraising giftboxes (pictured). Print a form, complete it and send it to Trade Aid to get your fair trade chocolate or fantastic fair trade gift boxes to sell for a sweet profit!