make your case for 1.5°C

Right now, the government is deciding what to fund in its 2022 Budget and what policies to include in the Emissions Reduction Plan. We can use this court action to send a powerful message about why keeping to 1.5 degrees is so important, and what the people in government’s decisions will mean for communities on the frontlines of climate change.

Thank you to everyone who requested postcards, these will be making their way to you shortly!

Send an email

Sending an email is also a powerful action! These are the email addresses to send them to:

Here’s some guidance on how you could structure your email:

Dear [politicians title],

The Lawyers for Climate Action court action shows how far away New Zealand’s proposed climate action is from what the science says is needed by 2030 to keep global heating to 1.5C.

This matters to me because…

[insert your case for keeping warming to 1.5 degrees]

Please include these policies in the Emissions Reduction Plan and Budget 2022: 

  • A proper price on agricultural emissions that will reduce pollution in line with the science of 1.5C
  • A significant reduction in synthetic nitrogen fertiliser use and a $1 billion investment in regenerative, organic farming  
  • No new fossil fuel vehicles by 2030, and free public transport for community service cardholders, under 25s and tertiary students 
  • Ending new oil, coal and gas exploration on Aotearoa soil and seas or extensions of current permits 


[Your name]

Patricia’s case for 1.5°C:

Image of Patricia with text '"Right now, the high tides are destroying us. We don’t know whether this will continue to happen until we sink; what will we do? This is why we worry. What will we do if our place is destroyed?'
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