Ask brands to ensure freedom of association

Living wages and safe and healthy working conditions are basic human rights. Speaking out about these is crucial.

Freedom of association is the right of workers and employers to freely form or join organisations that promote and defend their interests at work, without interference from one another or the State. This right applies to all workers and employers.

This is why the freedom of association in supply chains is a fundamental right. The women who make our clothes and those representing them should be able to do so without fearing for their lives.

Template: Letter to the brands

I would like you to ensure freedom of association for the women who make our clothes.

The women who make your clothes deserve to live with dignity and be paid a living wage. They deserve to have the space to express themselves and stand up for their rights without fear of reprisal.

I believe that freedom of association is important as this enables the women who make our clothes to come together and campaign for their basic human rights.

I believe that the women who make our clothes and those who stand for their rights should not fear for their lives and safety when voicing their dissent or fighting for their basic rights.
Your website says your company is committed to being ethical and sustainable, and I care about #WhatSheMakes. Show me that you are truly committed by ensuring freedom of association in your supply chains.

A group of women garment workers

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