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East Africa Drought

Diyaara lives in Kenya, part of the Horn of Africa. This part of the world is experiencing the most severe episodes of drought in decades, with five consecutive failed rains. Oxfam has categorised this regional crisis as a Category 1 emergency – the highest and most life-threatening category of crisis....


Help youth reach their potential

Life has changed dramatically in Vanuatu over the past few decades. The youth population in Vanuatu is booming, but many of these future leaders lack the opportunities and resources to contribute to their economies and communities. Oxfam’s partner Youth Challenge Vanuatu (YCV) is there to help bridge the gap between...


Fight the climate crisis

Climate change is the greatest threat to our future. Rising global temperatures, increased extreme weather, rising seas, and increased floods and droughts are taking their toll on communities all over the world. The damaging impact of climate change is hitting Pacific countries like Solomon Islands the hardest. The world’s poorest...


Push brands to pay a living wage

Top fashion CEOs make more money in just one week than a garment worker will be paid in her entire life. You can help to change this. By joining us in our What She Makes campaign, you can help us demand a living wage for the women overseas who make...


Disaster Response Fund

Together, we can save lives and help communities rebuild. Emergency funds are crucial for Oxfam to act quickly whenever disasters occur around the world. With your help, we can launch a rapid response after tropical cyclones, earthquakes or human-made accidents.


Working together to change lives

One in five of the world’s people lives without safe water. Oxfam supports communities to maintain their own water supplies.

Oxfam’s livelihoods programmes help people find a sustainable livelihood, earn a decent income, and live in a safe environment.

Oxfam is working with women across the Pacific and Southeast Asia to bring about positive change to secure their basic human rights.

When disaster strikes, we move quickly to provide life-saving assistance to people in need. We’ve helped millions worldwide.

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World flags

G20 skates over the big issues of poverty, inequality and climate

In response to the G20 communique, Oxfam says: ‘The G20 has failed to meet the huge challenges our world faces. They continue to stumble away from …

Two people work with their laptop

Millionaires, economists, and eminent politicians implore the G20 to tax the super-rich

In the last decade, billionaires around the world have more than doubled their wealth, from $5.6 to $11.8 trillion. We need a global push to …

Woman measuring in a drought area

Unfair share report: Unequal climate finance to East Africa hunger crisis

Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan have incurred $7.4bn of livestock losses alone as a result of climate change Despite being largely responsible for the …

Stories from our supporters

Diana Auckland

It’s important for me to focus on what I can do and find the right balance. Leaving a bequest to Oxfam is something I know will make a lasting difference for people living in poverty.

Mary Auckland

Oxfam is one of the main charities I support, and I do so because I feel that I want to reach out to the rest of the world who aren’t as fortunate as I am.

Pauline Dunedin

What I like about Oxfam’s work is that it works to tackle the root causes of poverty. I’m interested in a community wide approach.