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Oxfam Aotearoa reacts to the Climate Change Commission’s report
Oxfam Aotearoa reacts to Climate Commission report
Aotearoa needs to do more to achieve keeping to 1.5 degrees, so that our friends, colleagues and loved ones in the Pacific do not have to endure rising poverty, moving homes, loss of culture.
Millions facing double disaster as second Covid wave overwhelms rural India
Second Covid wave overwhelms rural India
The situation is getting a little under control in the cities, but it is still very grim in rural India where there are issues related to access to hospitals, doctors …and testing facilities.
More than a million COVID deaths in 4 months since G7 leaders failed to break vaccine monopolies
G7 leaders failed to break vaccine monopolies
At the current vaccination rates, low income countries would be waiting 57 years for everyone to be fully vaccinated.
Oxfam staff member killed in Yemen
Oxfam staff member killed in Yemen
Fathi, a Yemeni citizen, 42, was traveling with another Oxfam colleague and a contracted driver when they were caught in what appears to be a crossfire at a checkpoint in southern Yemen.

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