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Our Campaigns

Big Hearts

Big Hearts Connected World

Aotearoa, let’s stand together with the world. It’s time for a Collective Resilience Plan that helps build a strong global community by boosting New Zealand’s overseas aid and climate action.

School Strike for Climate, 2019, Auckland.

Climate justice for everyone

Climate breakdown is pushing millions of people into hunger and hardship. We can stand up to this together.

Learn about our campaign to tackle global wealth inequality.

Fight Inequality

Right now, we have an economy that prioritises profit over people, and places wealth in the hands of a small few. We can change this.

Why We Campaign

Why we campaign

If we use our collective power, we can make real the vision of a world without poverty, and shift the window of what’s politically possible.

New Zealand beehive

Our submissions

View our latest submissions to the New Zealand government about the impact of proposed legislation and policy on people around the world.

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