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The Case for 1.5°C

The Government and Climate Change Commission are currently being sued for errors in Aotearoa’s recommended climate action. We can use this ​court case to send a powerful message about why keeping to 1.5 degrees is so important, and what’s at stake.

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Cut climate pollution fairer and faster

Climate breakdown is pushing millions of people into hunger and hardship. Join us to help Aotearoa cut climate pollution fairer and faster.

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A People’s Vaccine, not a Profit Vaccine

No one is safe from Coronavirus until everyone is safe. But pharmaceutical patents stand in the way. Join the fight to end vaccine monopolies and ensure a people’s vaccine, not a profit vaccine.

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Act for Afghanistan

The New Zealand government can extend kindness beyond our borders, and support more people stranded in the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.

Why We Campaign

Why we campaign

If we use our collective power, we can make real the vision of a world without poverty, and shift the window of what’s politically possible.

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How We Have Created Change Together

Learn more about how we’ve created change together in recent years.

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