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East Africa Drought

Diyaara lives in Kenya, part of the Horn of Africa. This part of the world is experiencing the most severe...

With your help we can:

Provide water for communities who are facing years and years of droughts
Provide cash grants so families can buy food and support women and girls with menstrual hygiene education and supplies
Provide gender-based violence prevention workshops and group therapy sessions

Gaza Humanitarian Crisis

Families are sifting through the rubble of their homes in Gaza to find remnants of their lives. So many have...

With your help we can:

Supply safe and clean water to vulnerable families.  
Supply life-saving food items such as oil, flour, and canned goods to those in desperate need. 
Provide essential kits containing first-aid packs, latex gloves, and feminine hygiene products.  

Fight the climate crisis

Climate change is the greatest threat to our future. Rising global temperatures, increased extreme weather, rising seas, and increased floods...

With your help we can:

Set up savings and loan clubs for women in Solomon Islands
Provide climate finance training sessions
Continue to advocate for climate justice

If you’re donating via a direct deposit, please input your supporter ID as the reference, the appeal name as the code, and your surname in the particulars section. If you have any questions, reach out to one of our friendly support team on 0800 600 700.