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You can help women thrive

In Solomon Islands, women face many barriers to escaping poverty and improving their lives. You can help change this and...

With your help we can:

Help run programmes for women to improve their negotiation skills
Create savings clubs where women can learn about managing their finances
Set up community-led workshops to shift traditional ideas about roles for women

Disaster response

Emergency funds are crucial for Oxfam to act quickly whenever disasters occur around the world. With your help, we can...

With your help we can:

Can buy life-saving hygiene kits to stop disease
Can provide families with safe water for drinking and washing
Can help build toilets for families made homeless

Emergency: India Covid-19 Appeal

India is in the grip of a second deadly coronavirus wave. People desperate for medical care are struggling to pay...

With your help we can:

Distribute (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment to frontline health workers.
Provide food, hygiene kits and handwahing facilities to the poorest and most vulnerable communities
Fund oxygen cylinders and other equipment for hospitals and health centres.
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