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Give the gift of light

“We don’t like to go out at night because it is not safe for women. At night, we don’t eat...

With your help we can:

Help provide a family with portable solar-powered lanterns so that they feel safer at night.
Help provide clean water to refugees as they face undrinkable water from monsoon season.
Help spread the word on key hygiene messaging to keep everyone safe from viruses like Covid-19 and waterborne diseases.

Pakistan Disaster Response

Right now in Pakistan, floods have devastated an area the size of Aotearoa New Zealand. Homes, farms and infrastructure have...

With your help we can:

Can help provide life-saving hygiene kits to stop the spread of disease
Can help provide families with safe water for drinking and washing
Can help give families the tools, raw materials, and supplies they need to rebuild their homes, farms, and businesses

Support for Tonga

Earlier this year, the people of Tonga felt the earth shake beneath them as one of the largest volcanic eruptions...

With your help we can:

Help to provide hygiene kits containing essentials such as soap, reusable water buckets and food parcels.
Help give families the tools, raw materials, and supplies they need to rebuild their farms and fishing businesses.
Help build, deliver, and maintain desalination units that produce clean drinkable water from sea water.

If you’re donating via a direct deposit, please input your supporter ID as the reference, the appeal name as the code, and your surname in the particulars section. If you have any questions, reach out to one of our friendly support team on 0800 600 700.