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East Africa Drought

Diyaara lives in Kenya, part of the Horn of Africa. This part of the world is experiencing the most severe episodes of drought in decades, with five consecutive failed rains.

Climate change has increased the intensity and frequency of floods and droughts around the world. Globally, floods and droughts alone have forced over 10 million people out of their homes just last year.

Millions of people have been forced to flee their flooded homes. Others face dire food insecurity from droughts.

Diyaara raised livestock to make a living and provide for her children. Together with Oxfam, Diyaara and her community have been working to grow improved kale and tomatoes and sell them in neighbouring towns. But years of drought have now decimated her crops.

Your support today is so vital. You can help provide water for communities, cash grants so families can buy food, and group therapy sessions for those who have been through so much.

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With more than 2.5 million livestock deaths in Kenya, millions of people are at risk of acute food insecurity. With your support today, we can help people like Diyaara who are facing the harshest conditions.

Diyaara told us “the thing I miss the most is the bells ringing as I take my animals out to graze. The sound of wealth and good fortune. My animals represent availability of milk and food for my family and I. Now I no longer hear that noise. I miss it.”

You can help make a difference for people like Diyaara today.