Shima, Transparency- big brands should have nothing to hide

Let’s ask big brands to reveal who makes their clothes

If a brand claims to be “ethical” or “sustainable” but does not know or share who makes their clothes, then something is wrong.

Transparency is the foundation of an ethical supply chain. It allows workers, unions, and groups of people like us to scrutinize the working conditions of these factories, and ensure that garment workers are treated and paid fairly. Without an up-to-date, public list of suppliers, there is no way to know where a brand makes its clothes, or whether these factories are violating human rights.

A woman holds a shirt

If clothing companies know where their factories are and where their materials come from, they can make sure living wages are paid throughout their supply chain. Without this direct knowledge, they won’t know where changes need to be made. And knowing which other brands source from the same factories enables companies to collaborate and take collective actions to improve conditions, wages and rights for workers.

We need your support in demanding accountability from the clothing brands to publish the full list of at least their tier-one factories (final stage of production), complete with all the key details such as factory names and addresses, number of workers, parent company, gender breakdown, date of last review, and regular bi-annual updates.

Let’s stand in solidarity with the women who make our clothes. Write to the brands today and demand that they improve their supplier transparency now.

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