The Future is Equal

No New Fossil Fuels

graphic showing smokestacks compared with a New Zealand beach

Write to the prime minister.

The New Zealand government is currently pushing for a policy change that would result in new offshore drilling for oil and gas. But in a time of climate crisis, it makes no sense to go looking for new fossil fuels. For our communities in Aotearoa and the Pacific to have a liveable future, there can be no future for oil, fossil gas, and coal.

Will you join us in asking the government to change course? There is still time for Aotearoa to do the right thing and achieve a just transition away from fossil fuels, toward the creation of good jobs in renewable energy, clean industries and social services.

photo showing an oil rig and a wind turbine array

Use this email form to send your message to Prime Minister Christopher Luxon.

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You can find detailed information about Oxfam’s recommendation for a just transition away from fossil fuels in our recent report: Closing Time.

This report shows how fossil fuels are driving the climate crisis. We insist that fossil fuel production has to end everywhere as fast as possible, with richer countries like New Zealand taking the lead.

New Zealand must stand with the Pacific to back a global phase out of fossil fuel production that is full, fast, fair and funded.

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