Sweet potatoes in Papua

Papua and West Papua form two autonomous Indonesian provinces on the western half of the island of New Guinea. Despite rich natural resources, more than 30 per cent of Papua’s 3.8 million people live in poverty. There are major disparities in access to welfare and services between indigenous Melanesians and the migrant population.

Oxfam New Zealand in Papua

Improving livelihoods

  • Improving livelihoods
    Oxfam is working with local partners in Papua to improve and expand local agricultural practices so that indigenous Papuan farmers can lift themselves out of poverty.
  • Better returns on coffee
    Deep in the remote, mountainous valleys of Papua, several thousand indigenous farmers are growing high quality organic arabica coffee. Chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides are not used, making the coffee rare and valuable. With the support of Oxfam, these growers are starting to get a fair price for their coffee from national and international markets.

Indonesia profile

Indonesia is spread across an archipelago of more than 17,500 islands and is home to 240 million people, making it the world’s fourth largest country by population. More than half of the population lives in poverty. Read the country profile here.

Oxfam Unwrapped in Papua

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