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Archives for December 23, 2017

Oxfam welcomes NZ’s move towards Zero Carbon future

The Zero Carbon Act campaign partners welcome the first concrete steps the Government has taken today towards strong legislation for a safe climate future, with its announcement of the plan for developing the law and establishing an independent climate commission.

The partner organisations – Generation Zero, WWF-New Zealand, Forest & Bird, Oxfam New Zealand and ActionStation – are urging New Zealanders to get involved and have their say in the Zero Carbon Act consultation process.

The groups say it is good to know the Government’s roadmap for developing and passing the Zero Carbon Act, and congratulate the Government for setting this out transparently.

The “very generous” timeframe will give plenty of time for evidence and views to be considered and a cross-party consensus to be formed, ensuring the Zero Carbon Act is built to last.

“Oxfam supports this considered and thoughtful timeline. This must be legislation that has full cross-party support and will be an Act of Parliament that will hold our current and future generation of leaders to account,” says Oxfam New Zealand Executive Director Rachael Le Mesurier.

“We’re very excited for all New Zealanders to have the opportunity to get involved in creating this vital law which will guide New Zealand’s transition to a zero carbon future,” said Generation Zero’s campaign convenor Lisa McLaren.

“It’s a good opportunity for people to have their voices heard to ensure we have strong and robust laws to ensure a safe climate future for everyone,” says ActionStation spokesperson Rick Zwaan.

“We know it’s 100% possible for New Zealand to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Kiwis up and down the country are rising to the challenge, in their lives and work. The Zero Carbon Act will be essential in giving everyone, and New Zealand businesses especially, the certainty and predictability they need to make smart, future-proof decisions,” says WWF-New Zealand campaigner David Tong.

“It’s critical everyone gets behind this and makes sure politicians from across Parliament know that climate change is one issue New Zealanders are not prepared to take risks with. You’ve only got to look at the two reports released last Friday, highlighting the vulnerability to climate change of not only billions of dollars worth of infrastructure, but also people and of nature, to see why this is so critical,” says Forest & Bird climate advocate Adelia Hallett.