Vanuatu appeal

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“When the children can’t continue their education, their parents weep for them.”

Many young people in Vanuatu face a life of poverty and disadvantage because they can’t get anything more than the most basic education.

Young people have very few opportunities:

  • For most families in Vanuatu, education beyond primary level is a luxury they simply can’t afford.
  • Three out of four children are growing up in rural areas where education is even harder to access.
  • As a result, thousands of young people are forced out of education every year, with little or no chance of finding work.

It’s a tragic situation because it cuts these young people off from opportunity and crushes their hopes. It keeps entire communities trapped in poverty.

Kathy Solomon (pictured right) is the Director of the Vanuatu Rural Development Training Centre Association. She has experienced first-hand exactly what’s happening there:

“The education system in Vanuatu is very competitive. The government has not got enough resources in terms of space in the classroom, and financially. There is not enough to accommodate the 5,000 to 6,000 students each year. Then you see a lot of kids drop out. Some don’t even have a chance to go to a classroom. It’s not the failure of the students, it’s just the resources. They’re not enough.

“Every child, when they go to school, would like to continue their education. When children cannot continue, the parents weep for their children because that is all they feel they can give their kids.”

But with your support, we can give these young people their futures back.

Make a difference now

With support of people like you, Oxfam will help rebuild three desperately needed training centres in rural Vanuatu.

For every dollar you give the New Zealand Government will give another $4.That means any gift you give will be worth five times as much!

So you can make a BIG difference to the futures of Vanuatu’s young people.


  Donating $25 – which will be worth $125 – could help provide the resources, including fact    sheets, text books, and interactive lesson plans, needed to train local people in water, sanitation and hygiene.
  Donating $50 – which will be worth $250 – could help provide the tools and equipment to rebuild these training centres and provide students with hands-on practical experience.
  Donating $100 – which will would be worth $500 – could help construct a new 5000 gallon water tank for each training centre and provide access to clean, safe drinking water for the whole of the local community.

Rural Training Centres

For the last 10 years Oxfam has been working closely with the Vanuatu Rural Development Training Centres Association to give thousands of young people in Vanuatu a chance.

There are now 50 Rural Training Centres (RTCs) across the country. Every year, they give up to 500 students the opportunity to learn practical skills that will help them get jobs and a decent future.

Each one of these facilities enables hundreds of young people to learn skills such as home economics, small business management, agriculture, mechanics and carpentry. And that means giving them the chance to earn a living, break out of poverty and lead happy, productive lives.

At the same time, RTCs bring real benefits to the wider community – such as providing safe drinking water and cyclone shelters that are available to people from miles around.

A better life for all

Many people’s lives have been utterly transformed. Take Johnny Irauel, he’s got a lot to smile about, thanks to the training he received at his local RTC.

Just a few years ago, Johnny’s chances of finding work were very slim indeed. But the local RTC changed all that.

“After two years of training, I learned about the foundation of building and laying of bricks and rafters and rails. I learned new skills and how to apply them. Studying at the Lorakau RTC helped me get a job in construction.”

Then there’s 32 year old Iawilam Willie. She used to spend hours every day carrying backbreaking buckets of water from a creek for her five children. But the water tank in her local RTC means she now has access to clean drinking water.“I want to thanks Oxfam that you build a tank for us in our community. It’s nice and clean water and we use for drinking and cooking.”