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You have a vital role to play in fighting poverty and ending hunger and You & Oxfam is the best way for you to take action:

  • Against hunger and thirst in a world rich in resources.
  • Against guns made small enough for the hands of child soldiers.
  • Against diseases like diarrhoea needlessly taking precious lives.
  • To save lives when emergencies strike.

Because of you, families will be able to grow more food and access clean, safe water. They’ll be able to send their children to school and they’ll live in safer communities.

The difference you’ll make 

  • $50 per month can help build toilets and keep families safe in Bougainville
  • $30 per month can help provide a lifetime of safe water for one child every month
  • $21 per month can provide life-saving provisions including tarpaulin, water containers and hygiene kits to families affected by a natural disaster

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You and Oxfam
  (less than $1,000)
You and Oxfam
  ($1,000 - $2,500)
You and Oxfam
  ($2,500 - $5,000)
You and Oxfam
  (+ $5,000)

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