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Bangladesh Rohingya Refugee Crisis

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Laila is 18, pregnant and now lives with her two small children in a camp in Bangladesh, where people urgently need water, food and protection. She is one of almost a million people have fled the atrocities in Myanmar. At Balukhali mega-camp in Bangladesh, the conditions are cramped, and people urgently need water, food and protection.

Help save the lives of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh by donating today.

Oxfam is on the ground providing urgent essentials. Please help Oxfam keep the vulnerable safe and provide clean water, food and toilets. Monsoons are imminent, bringing the risk of flooding and cholera.

Please donate and help families like Laila’s today.

Photo: Tommy Trenchard/Oxfam

Can buy and distribute food parcels
Can provide families with safe water for drinking and washing
Can help build toilets for families made homeless
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